Herbs are potent forces for health. This offering involves a 30-minute consult following background health history. An herbal program will be discussed and a personalized formulation recommended. Consult DOES NOT include the herbal suggestions. A resource list will also be provided of ways to obtain the herbal recommendations.






Our lifestyle and food choices can alter the natural state of the body and change the internal environment. This can cause slight discomforts ranging from headaches to bloating, and can lead to more serious health conditions in the long run. It is advisable to review your lifestyle and food choices and alter them to ensure your body remains in optimal health. The offering involves a 30-minute consult following background health history.  Consult will include a recommended diet plan to maintain an ideal internal environment tailored to your specific needs.




The offering involves 45 minutes to 1-hour consult following detailed intake form and background health history. A blood test may also be required. Consult include reviewing the intake form, discussing the suggested diet and supplement plan.

$75 / session

45 minutes to 1-hour


A Nutrition Assessment consultation is ideal if you are looking to change your diet for any reason – whether you need to make changes for health reasons or just want to adopt a healthier lifestyle, I am here to support you. This detailed assessment will also help you pinpoint areas of health concern and take a more nutritional based approach to address these issues. You will fill out a very detailed intake form which I will assess and provide my recommendations.

$100 / session

45 minutes to 1-hour


The offering involves 12 sessions – (once a month) 45 minutes to 1-hour long.  The first session will be followed by detailed intake form and background health history. It also includes regular email correspondence; 4 additional emergency consult sessions if needed; updated diet, supplements, and herbal plan according to the changing needs of the body.

Your health and wellbeing is my utmost priority. You will receive personalized service according to your specific needs. Once you work with me, you are family.

I offer you much greater and personal service than other Natural Health Care Providers. Check it out for yourself!

$1200/ year

12 sessions – (once a month) 45 minutes to 1-hour