Multiple Orgasms

Is it possible to have 2, 3 or more orgasms during an intercourse?

I have been asked this question one too many times and my answer has always been the same…

Heck yeah!

I was surprised when I first heard that question. I couldn’t believe that a woman who has climaxed once would doubt that she can do it again, and again, and again. But with time and experience I have realized that there is a lot of confusion around the topic. Most women don’t even know they can come more than once so, they simply stop after the first climax.

If only they knew!

Female orgasms are different from male orgasms. And they are both very different to what is shown in the movies. Men need a rebound time after they orgasm. This time differs depending on the age and health of the man. However, women can have multiple orgasms one after the other.

Did you know that a woman can have up to 20 orgasms in a row?

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

If I didn’t personally know women who had up to 11 orgasms back-to-back, I would be just as skeptical. As a professional I know it is possible.

Believe it or not, if you are a healthy female who eats a wholesome nutritious diet, keeps herself well-hydrated, and regularly exercises—you can push yourself to have multiple Os!

It’s simpler than you think.

Let’s talk about what you should or should not do to reach your maximum potential. We will call it…


  1. Fluids! Fluids! Fluids! The golden key of successful sexual climax is proper hydration. If your body is well-hydrated, it will stimulate easily, the intercourse will be easier and pleasurable, and you will experience sensations like never before.
  2. Don’t be stuck! Don’t think that you can only have orgasm a particular way. You never know! Give yourself up to the adventure. Give yourself and your partner the freedom to explore your body and find its many mysterious paths to pleasure.
  3. Every moment is unique. Don’t enter any relationship or intimate moment and think about the past. Don’t try to replicate an intimate experience you have had before. Each day is a new opportunity to discover yourself and your potential. Do just that; discover yourself!
  4. Try not to be limited to your habit and your comfort zone. Step out of your comfort zone. Allow your partner to explore you and your many zones of pleasure. You will be thrilled at what you find.
  5. Communicate! Open communication is the key to a successful relationship, in bed and otherwise. However, don’t be so open to the point you tell him what he should do with you or what will or will not work. Give him the freedom to explore you. You both will enjoy it so much more. During the act, communicate with him and let him know how you feel and whether what he is doing is effective or not.
  6. Do not think! When the emotions overwhelm you, ride the tide! If you think at that time, you will block the emotions. Criterion to remember: mind is for day, emotions are for night. If you try to use your mind—whether it is thinking about the thousand things you have to do, insecurities about your body, or anything else—you will lose. Don’t think. Just enjoy!

Is there anything else I can do?

Sure, you can! There are foods, exercises, herbs and supplements that can enhance your sex life. The healthier you are, the more endurance you have, and the better your chances of reaching multiple Os.


A wholesome diet with plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables is important for everyone. However, it is extra important for an athlete. Reaching multiple orgasms in a short span of time is a feat no less than that of an endurance athlete.

Here are some of the foods that are known to increase sexual prowess and increase your chances of reaching multiple orgasms.


    Increases circulation, blood flow, and by exciting the nerves. Peppers are packed with capsaicin which releases endorphins—the feel-good hormones in our body. Chilies also increase heart rate and stimulate nerve endings. It’s not a bad idea to have a peppery meal to set the mood!


    Fresh ginger can also get your circulatory system running. It is also rich in libido-lifting vitamin C, Zinc and Magnesium.


    Chocolate is associated with romance for a reason. It is another one of your serotonin rich foods that help increase libido. Just an ounce or 2 are enough to do the trick.


    Cinnamon contains stimulating properties that increase our body’s heat, which greatly increases blood circulation and libido. When it is paired with honey rich in vitamins and minerals, the goodness is doubled. Mix a tablespoon of honey with half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and half a teaspoon of clove powder, and eat every morning. If your drive is really low, you can take it again a few hours before the action.


    Laminaria, also known as kelp, is a seaweed packed with minerals, Vitamin B complex, fiber and protein. Though not exactly appetizing, it provides the body with minerals that are essential to the body and increase sexual desire. Use it daily to see substantial results.

  6. BEETS

    Beets are my absolute favorites. I can’t talk enough about beets. In our interest, beets are rich in Nitric Oxide which really gets the circulatory system going which is what we need for proper blood flow to our privates.

  7. FIGS

    Figs are amazing in increasing female libido. They are rich in amino acids, magnesium which is needed to produce sex hormones which control your libido.


You need to be in excellent physical shape in order to keep going. I am not talking about body shape, size or weight here, I am referring to the physical well being. You need to have endurance of an athlete to keep going for multiple rounds. If you are weak or out of shape, you will get knocked out in the first round!

Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises / Kegels

Kegels are best known as pregnancy exercise though they are great for both men and women of all ages. Our pelvis both contracts and relaxes during orgasm. If the pelvic muscles are not strong enough to contract and relax properly, we will not feel the intensity of the orgasm, or might not even be able to reach it.

Pelvic floor muscles are deep in your pelvis. In addition to increased circulation, exercising these muscles can help prevent incontinence.

HOW TO DO IT: Tighten your muscles as if you are trying to stop the flow of urine or the passage of gas. Keep your abdominal and thigh muscles relaxed during this movement. Hold for 2 to 3 seconds, then relax.


Aerobic Exercises

Whether you choose to jog, walk fast, run, row, jump rope, or engage in other aerobic exercise, these activities have been found to significantly improve your intimate life. The reason aerobic exercise can benefit your sex life is that it improves blood circulation, helps lower blood pressure, and thus can result in better endurance and more climactic orgasms. Aerobic exercise also can trigger the release of endorphins, chemical substances that may boost sexual performance.


Regardless of your age, stretching is a must. Not only does stretching help keep you flexible and limber; it also improves range of motion, enhances blood circulation, provides an energy boost, and helps prevent injuries. A daily stretching routine can help keep you primed for sexual encounters. Your agility can help you be more flexible with your positions and will also give you the confidence to be innovative and explorative in bed with your partner.


Swimming can be a great endurance booster as well as an exercise that helps you drop excess weight. Swimming offers other benefits that can be put to good use during sexual encounters; it improves cardiovascular fitness, maintains healthy lungs, improves muscle tone, and enhances flexibility—all of which you need to maintain those Os.


Although there are many different types of yoga practice, the basic underlying principle is to create strength, harmony, and enhanced awareness of your body, mind, and spirit. Regular participation in yoga practice can increase flexibility, improve muscle tone and strength, enhance respiration and energy, improve cardiovascular health, and instill a sense of inner calm. All of these features can serve you well in the bedroom.

Once you understand some basic poses and breathing techniques (preferably with the guidance of a professional), you can try some poses that can enhance your pelvic muscles, such as the Shoulder Stand, Peacock Pose, and Bow Pose.


If you are a healthy individual who eats a well-balanced diet, drinks plenty of fluids, regularly exercises, and takes multivitamins, then you don’t really need any additional supplements. However, there are things that you can take to develop overall endurance of your body, which will serve you well in the bedroom also.


    It is also called Peruvian Ginseng. Several scientific studies have shown positive results that the herb Maca may boost female sex drive or libido especially in post-menopausal women who are not able to supplement their hormones and women suffering from depression who take anti-depressants or other medications that cause sexual dysfunction. It can be taken as powder, pills or liquid extract. I prefer its powdered form. You can add a tablespoon of this powerful herb to your smoothies, yogurt, oats, or even your cup of coffee.


    The synergy when these ingredients are combined is incredible and can pretty much give you all the nutrition you need. Both quantity and quality of the ingredients are very important. Make sure you get the organic honey and bee pollen. You can buy the ingredients separately and mix them or buy a good quality supplement which contains these ingredients. The potency of the mixture is important and this is the main difference between various products available in the market.

    If you choose to buy the ingredients, which is what I will recommend, this is how you can combine them:

    Honey: 1 kg

    Bee Pollen: 1 kg

    Combine both ingredients in a large, air-tight, glass jar, preferably dark colored jar, and keep it in a cool dry place.

    Pro tip: only use wooden spoon to take out the honey since metal oxidizes the honey and reduce its nutritional value.


    Moringa benefits the hormonal balance of both men and women. Hormonal balance is one of the key features of a healthy body and a healthy mind, therefore this herb is beneficial in more ways than just encouraging testosterone production. In fact, based on its amazing overall benefits, it should be your must-have herb! There have been over 1300 studies, articles and reports that have made claims about the healing properties of Moringa. The best way to consume Moringa is in powdered form which can be added to juices, smoothies, or yogurt.


    Omega-3 fatty acids can improve cardiovascular health, lower triglycerides and may increase dopamine production and reduce the risk for depression — all of which are pluses for the libido and orgasm potential. Fish oil, flax seed oil, walnuts, and fish like mackerel, salmon, sardines, and herring are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and should be a regular part of any woman’s diet.

Last, but not least…

Do not doubt your ability! You can and you will! I assure you.

Keep the secrets I mentioned at the beginning of this article in your mind. Focus on the quality of your relationship and your intimacy. Once you have the quality, the quantity will come.

We often create imaginary obstacles for ourselves. Do not underestimate your ability, ladies. Men have nothing on you. Keep going, discover your potential, explore your capabilities and surprise yourself and your partner with your amazing potential.

You got this!

I would love to hear from you so drop me a line and let me know what worked best for you!